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"I want to help people feel better just like my osteopath did for me."

Nina: Suffered pain for over a year

Nina works as a sales rep for a popular cosmetics company and is required to drive from one client to the next, week in week out. Nina presented with pain in the neck and shoulders, accompanied with headaches and pain in the muscles of the jaw, causing nighttime grinding of the teeth.

Nina slipped in a pool and smashed out her front teeth while on holiday in Turkey. As a result she had extensive dental surgery. The trauma to the front of the skull has resulted in a protective muscle guarding and splinting, similar to what happens in a whiplash injury. Nina had suffered with pain for more than a year.

After four treatments the headaches and jaw pain were considerably reduced. We now have Nina on a three weekly maintenance treatment.

Mandy: Stabbing pain in lower back

Mandy is in her late thirties and works in the medical industry driving to clients all over Auckland. She is a dedicated fitness enthusiast and runs four to five times per week. After falling over while running two or three times she presented with a stabbing pain in the lower back and found it hard to put on her socks. The pain was also present after standing for just a short period of time.

Mandy had been to physio and had massage but with little to no results. After just three visits she was able to stand without pain and was also able to return to her much loved running program.

Fleur: Severe headaches

Fleur is in her early thirties. She is a mum and owns a cafe in Herne Bay. Fleur is passionate about golf and plays at a senior level three or four times a week.

I received a call on a Monday (my day off). Fleur was stressed and suffering from a severe headache, causing sensitivity to light along with immense discomfort and pain. When she came in her eyes were very red and she was not talking that much, but told me she had an important seminar to attend that evening, but could not go if the headache persisted.

On examination I noted that the muscles in her back and neck were extremely tight. This could have been a result of standing all day at the cafe and twisting while playing golf. That evening Fleur was able to attend the seminar and the tension was considerably reduced.

Fleur is now a regular client and is able to maintain an excellent game of golf.

“I am an integrative medical doctor and I always send my patients to Isaac for their musculoskeletal adjustments. Isaac is the best in his field, able to work magic on my patients who have suffered for years with aches and pains. I wouldn’t send my patients anywhere else for their adjustments!

I have seen Isaac for my own muscular complaints, and the results were extraordinary. I was free of muscle pain and feeling light on my feet!

His personality is warm and quietly intelligent. He is built like a lumberjack, but with the personality of a teddy bear and the brain of a scientist. The perfect combination.”

-l. Dr Kathleen Wills, (I)MD, Doctor of Integrative Medicine (USA/NZ), Clinical Nutritionist, GM Australasian Integrative Medicine Association

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