Welcome to NZ Body Mechanic, your sports and therapeutic massage specialist

Do you get a stiff back from sitting at your desk for most of the day?

Does the base of your neck ache from looking down at your phone?

Got tense shoulders from using the computer so much?

Are injuries preventing you from playing the sport you love?

Are you suffering from tight calves from running?

You service your car regularly, and get a regular warrant of fitness to make sure there are no issues – why not do this for your body?

Don’t let pain from musculoskeletal issues prevent you enjoying life – I can help!


Hi, I’m Isaac.  After a serious injury to my lower back in 2001, I found a great osteopath who helped me reduce pain and improve mobility.  I was so impressed with the speed and effectiveness of my recovery, it inspired me to pursue a career in the “body work” industry.  I began training as a massage therapist in Christchurch in 2001, I am now qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and a Diploma in Massage.  I have taught massage as a senior tutor at Wellpark College in Auckland for two years, and I have more than 10 years clinical experience in New Zealand and overseas.  My clinic, NZ Body Mechanic, is located in Westmere, Auckland.

I have experience with treating various musculoskeletal conditions.  I use a soft tissue manipulative technique and an osteopathic approach in the structural component of my work.  With manual therapy, one size doesn’t fit all – the experience I have gained through years of study and clinical practise enables me to customise your treatment.  NZ Body Mechanic’ clients range from office workers to builders to sports people, with an array of issues, and I’m sure I can help you too.

Once I have assessed you during your initial consultation, I will structure a specific treatment plan to suit your individual needs, including tips for self care.  Many people just like you have already discovered the importance of effective body mechanics and muscular maintenance:  treatments play an integral role in keeping your body performing at its best.  Look after your body, it’s the only one you’ve got.

Start by contacting me today to discuss how I can help you – you’ll be in good hands.